Schoenstatt Priests’ League

  • We are diocesan priests in our diocese

  • We belong to Schoenstatt
    an international spiritual movement within the Catholic Church.

  • Along with us, twenty-five other groups are part of the Schoenstatt Movement:
    Priests, Women, Men, Families and Youth.

  • Each group is legally independent

  • the founder: Father Joseph Kentenich and his original spirituality
  • the founding day: October 18th as the origin of the whole Movement
    A new approach to Mary and the orientation toward her person and mission.

  • The love for the Church expressed in a committed co-responsibility.
  • Missionary commitment to the renewal of the Church and a new Christian culture.
  • Together with the other Schoenstatt priestly communities, we strive in the Priests’ League for the formation and integral development of the priestly personality.

  • Under the protection of Mary, we find home and security in the conflicts of a pluralistic and secularized world.

  • In covenant with Mary we collaborate in the new evangelization of the Church on her way through the third Christian millennium.

  • From the “faith of Providence”:
    Seeking and finding God in all things, events and people.

  • From the “workday sanctity”:
    Shaping everyday life out of love for God and people

  • From the “Covenant of Love”: Living the covenant with God in a concrete way with Mary.

  • From the spirituality of Father Joseph Kentenich

  • From the attachment to the spiritual center of the Schoenstatt Movement, the Shrine of the Blessed Mother.

  • From the experience of family-like communion:
    It gives us
    – Support in the circle of like-minded people
    – Suggestions for the development of one’s own personality
    – Pastoral impulses for the pastoral ministry

  • For the presbyterate of our bishop

  • For the priesthood of the deanery

  • For a cooperative pastoral care in our parishes

  • For the member communities of the Schoenstatt Movement

  • For the renewal of the image of the priest from the spirit of the evangelical councils

  • For a renewed Church out of the spirit of Vatican II

  • For a culture of love

We join together within the diocese:

  • In discussion groups
  • In days of reflection and recreation
  • In conferences and retreats

We form an inter-diocesan working community at the founding place of Schoenstatt in Vallendar near Koblenz:

  • We have at our disposal sources of inspiration from the other Schoenstatt priestly communities
  • Together with them we offer events and work aids.
  • An annual theme takes up current questions, which we try to answer from the charism of the founder

Through personal consecration to the “Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt,” I commit myself as a “collaborator

  • To strive for holiness in keeping with my status through generous self-education.
  • to the fervent apostolate
  • and to receive the “League Letter” contact sheet.

or as a “member”:
furthermore – to secure the spiritual life – to

  • a spiritual agenda
  • to receive the Sacrament of Penance regularly in the spirit of spiritual accompaniment
  • and to the participation in Exerzitien or conferences.


Cathedral parish priest
Dr. Franz-Rudolf Weinert
Domstraße 10
55116 Mainz, Germany
Telefon: +49 (0) 6131/226412


Mrs. Andrea Egenolf
Priester- und Bildungshaus Berg Moriah
56337 Simmern/Ww.

Telefon: +49 (0) 2620/941-411 oder 941-413
Telefax: +49 (0) 2620/941-422

Account at Sparkasse Koblenz:

Account no. 40077 20 (BLZ 570 501 20)
IBAN: DE28 5705 0120 0004 0077 20